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dharma warehouse

e-book creation how-to


For the creation of all these e-books the following procedure is followed:

  • the text is pasted & formatted with / written in / converted to markdown (the conversion is done using various methods)

  • the markdown (.md) file is converted to epub using pandoc

  • the epub file is edited with calibre and finally…

  • the epub file is converted to mobi and azw3 (in azw3 additional soft hyphenation is added using hyphenate this!)

For some texts, pdf files are provided too. These ones have either been created with:

  • the “quick ‘n dirty” method of conversion via calibre, which is not the best solution as there is not much control over formatting

  • by exporting the epub to docx/odt, applying further editing and formatting and finally exporting to pdf.

The latter (example 1, example 2) is the method of my preference and I will try to do this procedure to all these texts, but it takes a lot of additional time.